Smart federal loan consolidation

Analyze your federal loans and see your repayment options in seconds.

Why should I consolidate my federal loans?

For simplicity

"I was paying 3 different servicers every month, so auto-debit kept breaking every other month or so. I consolidated, and now there is a single, reliable payment every month."

For payment relief

"My salary is not enough to cover both loan payments and living expenses. I consolidated my federal loans, cut my payments by $60, and now I can breathe a little easier."

Thousands of borrowers love Alltuition

$110M of student loans later, we've gotten some attention:

When I graduated from my doctoral program, receiving the monthly $1400+ bill statements was anxiety provoking and stressful! You helped me achieve a sense of relief I didn't think was possible. - Joshua K.

What is Alltuition?

We build award-winning tools to help make paying for college easier. We're not a lender, we are not buying your federal loans, nor are we affiliated with any lending institutions. We are passionate about solving problems that we had ourselves when we were students.