Alltuition for colleges

Simple web tools for the college financial aid office

Alltuition takes the information on your financial aid website and turns it into an intuitive, interactive, and detailed planner for your students that's fully customized for your school.

Master Task Manager

Make sure students and families understand all of the forms and deadlines

  • We bring the forms and deadlines for your school into one easy interface
  • We make it simple to send individualized reminders for each student's incomplete tasks by text message or email

Modern Q&A

Spend less time getting every student the help they need

  • We allow your staff to group common questions and respond to them all at once
  • We make all questions and answers easily searchable by your students

Financial Literacy and Loan Management

Increase student financial literacy and healthy student loan management

  • We guide students from the very basics to advanced topics in personal finance
  • We help students understand the consequences of borrowing
  • We help students understand their student loan repayment options and ways to avoid delinquency and default

How it works

Alltuition is a simple way to power up your existing financial aid infrastructure and give your students a usability boost. We'll create your school's customized planner and put it online, and you can simply link to it from your financial aid website. No integration required.

1. Send us your materials

Via email or postal service, or simply by pointing us to your website, tell us what information, forms, and deadlines you'd like us to include in the task list for your school.

2. Check our work

In two weeks, we'll show you the customized task list for your school. We'll talk through each of the sections with you and give you some time to explore and check that everything looks correct.

3. Take the keys

Adding new information, changing existing information, uploading new documents, and sending email or text reminders to students are intuitive and simple. But don't worry, we're standing by to support you if you need help.

How your students benefit


Find it hard to get started and leave everything off until the last minute.

Try to figure out what forms you need to do and get everything together.

Call the financial aid office during business hours to ask questions.

Prematurely take out private student loans and other expensive forms of borrowing.

Worry about student loans and your financial future.


Get early reminders and incremental tasks to complete.

Determine the right forms and tasks based on your situation and profile.

Find answers instantly by searching our financial aid Q&A for your college.

Get step-by-step guidance through each of the options you should exhaust before borrowing private loans

Increase financial literacy and understand the consequences of borrowing.